CHOCOLATE Magazine is a sweet confection presented by RANDEVU Publishing House. This glossy edition describes both local and international high society lifestyles.

CHOCOLATE offers a straightforward presentation of material, lavish illustrations, creative design and a fresh literary style. The magazine steers well clear of serious issues. As a matter of fact, CHOCOLATE is a fairy tale of the illusory world of glamour, in which luxury is utterly glorified in order to liberate readers from their everyday, humdrum world.

First issue October 2003
Circulation 5,000 copies
Full colored

64 pages a paper Gallery Art ( jacket), Euro Art ( inside pages)

Reporters Kazakhstan, Russia, France, Italy, Norway, Great Britain, China, Spain ,USA ,Sweden and The Baltic countries
Sections Assorted Chocolates
Dolce Vita
De Luxe
Candies Cover
Twix (A Sweet Couple)
A Wedding Pie
Bitter Chocolate
Birds Milk
Photos and artwork

East News Agency, Fotobank Agency, Reuters, FOTODOM, best local and international photo artists


Target auditorium Businessmen, creative personalities, students of institutes of higher education
Socio-demographic description

Females - 73,7%
Males - 26,3%


18 - 24 - 30,2 %
25 - 34 - 36,9 %
35 - 45 - 32,9 %

high income - 35,6%
middle income - 44,2%
others - 20,2%

    • people of higher education - 70,5%;
    • managers - 37,2%;
    • visitors to museums, exhibitions, theaters - 68,3%;
    • people regularly visiting beauty shops - 73,3%;
    • visitors to sport clubs - 52,8%;
    • visitors to restaurants and clubs - 80,3%;
    • people, who travel for business and holidays abroad - over 71,4%.

According to the analysis Chocolate Magazine appeals to the group under 45 years of age.

The majority of readers is made up of females, but the magazine is interesting for men too.

As far as financial status is concerned, over 70 % of readers belong to the financially stable group.

Weve taken great pleasure in thinking out headings suitable to the general tasty style of the edition. In CHOCOLATE Magazine youll find the Assorted Chocolates section dedicated to festivals, and the Fashions Week Exhibitions for which we have an official accreditation. And there are many other star-studded collages of beautiful people and positive emotions.

The Cream heading is devoted to materials featuring famous people.

The Dolce Vita feature was created to show the amazing cities of the world, and also to describe famous museums. Initially, we wanted to name De Luxe Caprices of the Rich, but then we realized that the theme is much wider than that,; we wanted to tell you not only about the caprices of superrich people but also about their talents, achievements and the secrets of their success.

Another extraordinary heading, Candies Cover, is about clothes, style and fashion shows. This heading consists of a magnificent concept plus a lot of exciting photos vintage images and new trends.

And what is high society life without weddings and engagements? So, you will meet on our CHOCOLATE pages grooms and brides in all their beauty in the Creme-Brule feature. Exclusives about stylish weddings here and abroad can be found in Wedding Pie. Is it too sweet? Dont take it too seriously. Remember, this is the world of glamour, folks! We still have our Twix spot highlighting celebrity romances. And for contrast theres Bitter Chocolate: romantic but sad stories from the stars and famous people.


Almaty More than 600 points in the Ramstor, Mega Center Alma-Ata, Resei, Zangar, Silk Way City supermarkets, JSC Meloman Home Video. The magazine is distributed through the Open Joint Stock Company Kazpochta Pochtasnab, JSC KAZPRESS, JSC Eurasia-Press Agency, Poligon International LTD
Almaty region

Joint Stock Company Kazpochta Pochtasnab

Kazakhstan regions

Open Joint Stock Company Kazpochta Pochtasnab, JSC KAZPRESS, JSC Eurasia-Press Agency, private dealers


Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Germany. The magazine is delivered to large-scale commercial firms, companies and representative offices by special mail and messenger service


The subscription is organized by way of Open Joint Stock Company Kazpochta Pochtasnab, JSC KAZPRESS, JSC Eurasia-Press Agency and in magazines editorial office by way of mail and messenger service and e-mail


Fitness clubs and luxury suites in hotels Intercontinental Almaty the Ankara Kazakhstan, Rahat Palace Hotel, Rixos Almaty, Ramada Plaza Astana, Kazakhstan Hotel, Rixos President Astana Hotel, Rixos Borovoe Hotel, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Mandarin Oriental Munich

Air companies

The magazine is offered to the passengers of air companies Asiana Airlines, Uzbekistan Airways, Turkish Airlines, KLM, bmi, Lufthansa, Czech Airlines. It is also presented in VIP halles, Halles of business aviation, VIP Yuzhnyi in Almaty and Astana international airports

Direct - mail

Free of charge distribution of magazines in chancellery of the Presidents, governments, parliaments offices; urban and regional city administrations, banks, commercial representation offices, embassies, local and international companies in Kazakhstan, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Baltic states, Sweden, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and USA


  • An official certification from Union of Publishers of Kazakhstan, confirming the circulation of 10 000 copies for every of issue years.

  • An Award of Seimar Nongovernmental Charity Social Fund for the best publishing of social materials, high professionalism, and the presenting to readers the opportunity to touch the incredible world of luxury.

  • A medal and a diploma for fruitful collaboration with Kazakh National University after Al-Farabi

  • A diploma from the Four Seasons Group in gratitude for our companys participation in the annual national Kazakhstan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2009.

  • A diploma from the Four Seasons Group in gratitude for our companys participation in the annual national Kazakhstan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2009/10.

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