The special catalogue of fashion, beauty, health and recreation

Randevu Publishing House has published the catalogue of beauty, health, fashion industry and recreation SSORTI.
This full-colour glossy publication is dedicated to people who work in North and South capitals of our republic, successfully developing their infrastructure.
Our catalogue will keep residents and visitors informed about the services of the capitals beauty shops, medical centres and clinics, fitness-centres and sport clubs, where and how to spend time for leisure, holidays, what to buy in Astana and Almaty, where to buy it and which restaurant to chose for holding celebrations/receptions.
In the SSORTI catalogue you can find lots of useful information. Our comprehensive coverage of retail outlets will help you all to make the right choices. We present only the creme de la creme of the home market.
The Beauty Industry column provides information about companies providing Kazakhstan with world-famous cosmetic and perfume brands. You may also find information about companies delivering modern equipments to SPA-centres, beauty shops and solariums. Leading beauty salons further enhance this list.
Our Health and sport column gives useful information on medical centres and clinics, dental clinics and opticians, as well as various fitness-centres and sport clubs.
A list of clothes and shoe shops, boutiques for world-known brands, wedding and fur salons, jewellery, gifts are presented in the Clothes and accessories column.
The Tourism and recreation column will be really interesting for people planning a holiday in Astana and Almaty or, conversely leaving the capitals for a holiday. We will tell you how to organise a great holiday in the beauty spots of Akmola or Almaty oblast and inform you about the kind of tours to world health resorts offered by the capitals tourist firms. This column has information about Astana and Almaty hotels too.
As a logical completion of our tour around two capitals, we present opportunities for visiting museums and galleries, palaces and cinemas, entertainment centres and night clubs, restaurants and cafes in our Entertainments column.
SSORTI catalogue is distributed free of charge in the international airports of Astana and Almaty, business-centres, trade houses, hotels, fitness-centres, sport complexes, beauty salons, boutiques, restaurants, entertainment complexes, tourist firms, medical centres and clinics, as well as the representative offices of the diplomatic corps and in offices of international companies.
We are sure that the special catalogue dedicated to our two capitals is both relevant and timely!
SSORTI is a real helpmate for both Astana and Almaty people and visitors to the cities, coming from different parts of the world. The catalogue provides information in English.
SSORTI offers an elegantly-presented, professional and creative approach for every advertiser! We invite you for cooperation in the framework of this project!


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